The package below has 22.2 pounds of aquarium lace rock!

Aquarium Lace Rock
USPS Large Flat Rate Box

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$23.50 per box
18.75 USPS Flatrate shipping

Product information

Aquarium Lace Rock is a natural stone found in the west deserts of Utah. These are hand picked pieces that are chosen for their individual uniqueness. No two pieces are alike. When you place an oder with us, we ship the same day as when we get your order. (unless it is a holiday or sunday which will mean we ship the next day.)

We over pack a Large USPS flat rate box with as many pieces as possible in it. There are many pieces in each box but never many of the smaller sizes (they are used to wedge in the cracks between the larger pieces). By doing so this makes for successful shipping.

The dimensions for the USPS large flat rate box is 12"x12"x6" meaning that you get a lot of product for the buck. The avgage weight of each box is 20 plus pounds. We ship within the United States.

Canada and the UK please contact us first for special shipping rates. If you are from Canada or England please contact us first and not place your order. Placing your order will only to have to be refunded because the shipping cost will be 3 times or more than what is listed for our US customers. Again the price that is listed on the home page for the Aquarium Lace Rock is for United States of America customers only. If you live outside the US please contact us for the freight costs. The product cost we will guarantee to be the same but it is the freight cost that is the kicker. If we ship internationally the weight will have to meet a required maximum. We have shipped many times to Canada and England and AU so this isn't a problem for us.

Just contact us first and ask for a PayPal invoice reflecting the product and shipping cost to your home country.

Please note that we can't track your shipment once it is outside of the United States. We don't know why this is so, it is just is.

If you have any questions about anything please contact us either by email or phone (1-435-759-2594)

We can be emailed at:
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Aquarium Lace Rock
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We are in the USA.
We are in the USA